Kaylees Life

My 3 Boys ♥♥♥ & New Lenses!

82, 83, 80, 81, 82, 82, & 85 degrees– yep, those are the forecasted highs for this week in Tampa. Cory and I have always wanted to be able to escape the frigid winters of Wisconsin… so after Christmas, it was time to head to Tampa again.

Although we miss our families dearly, we’ll be back around June… and the sunny weather that we’ve been receiving is treating us nicely. As you all know, it’s hard to stay active in the winter months in Wisconsin, so we’ve been taking advantage of the nice weather!

Luckily, we have a paved walking/biking path that runs from our house through many nice HOA communities behind us. On most days, we’ll take the boys on a walk–often times, two walks– and it’s on this particular path that I always fixate on the dappled light that shines through the Spanish moss-laced trees, and where I daydream of taking the most breathtaking images beneath them.

2016-03-07_0003I’ve always swooned over the Spanish moss that I’ve seen in other photographers’ portraits–(just Google “Pasha Belman spanish moss“). You’ll thank me later; seriously, his work is remarkable and he’s one of my faves!

2016-03-07_0002So anyway… at the beginning of last year, I made a goal of saving enough cash to purchase my first professional series lens before the start of 2016’s wedding season. After renting (yes… they’re that important!) the 24-70 2.8 and the 70-200 2.8’s for my shoots, it was time to purchase them once and for all! (Note: Now when someone asks me last-last minute to shoot a wedding, I can happily say YES!) Since they just arrived yesterday, it was time to take these bad boys [the lenses ;)] on a trial run!

Before our walk, Cory made me agree that I wouldn’t share the “test” images online since he wasn’t camera ready (or something like that–that’s just the way I interpreted it.) Who knows!? Regardless, I think he looks better in board shorts & flip flops over a suit (almost) any day anyway. In any case… this was my first time getting to use my new lenses and since I love lifestyle photos, I just had to share these online! :)

2016-03-07_0001Cory’s sister, Kacie, and her son, Cayden, will be flying into Tampa tomorrow. They’ll be staying with us until March 18th (Carter’s 1st birthday!) and on that same day… my parents will be arriving! Although I try to leave my camera at home when I’m not working, I’m sure I’ll be bringing it with when we show them some of Tampa Bay area’s best attractions! Stay tuned!



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