Carter’s First Birthday!

one-year-old-with-cake-and-candleFor Carter’s first birthday, I knew I wanted to bake him a homemade cake… one that he could partially smash… but one we could also enjoy!

one-year-oldI made duplicate brownie/ice cream layered cakes with flavored cool whip frosting–one for when Cory’s sister and nephew visited, and another for when my parents came the day after Kacie and Cayden left.

one year old with first birthday cakeCarter kind of “dabbled” at the cake the first time… until daddy took a swipe of the frosting and put it in Carter’s mouth. After that… it didn’t take long for him to start digging in!

As you can see… on the second cake… Carter knew the drill. There was no time for photos –it was time to dig in!

2016-04-24_0004Thanks everyone for coming to visit!

(Update: I just noticed that I had this post in my drafts folder… so although we’re back in Wisconsin now, I still want to put up this blog post so I can show off my chunky lil’ babe!)


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