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Gathered beneath the trees, at a picturesque family lake house, Melissa and Jim tied the knot after 3 years of being together.Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_008Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_056While perfecting her hair and makeup, Melissa’s niece was pampered with blush as well.Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_069Just LOOK at that smile on the right! Wow! BEAUTIFUL.Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_036Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_084And that Pinterest-worthy closet!Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_042-1Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_097As Jim anxiously awaited for his bride, guests were welcome to help themselves to a fan and to a jar of honey from Jim’s beehives.Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_021Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_108Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_113-1Melissa’s attendants included her sister, Kim, and her 2 nieces.Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_116During the ceremony, the littlest one wandered back down the aisle before her sister was able to scoop her up and return her :) I wasn’t quite sure if Melissa and Jim ever noticed though! :)Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_126Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_132Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_137Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_168Other than being married to each other, Melissa and Jim were most excited to be surrounded by so many friends and family on such an important day.Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_181

Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_144Among art museums, reading, and touring historic places, Melissa loves to travel– especially to Europe.Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_025-2Each table was assigned the name of a city in which Melissa and Jim have traveled to together, including Venice, Paris, Verona, and London to name a few!Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_026-1Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_195The event was catered by Rockman’s Catering and included personalized pasta and carving stations; and their cake was designed by 2510 Bakery!Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_199Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_218Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_216Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_208Jim and Melissa’s big proposal happened in Venice, Italy on a balcony overlooking the city! As Melissa confirmed, “It was very romantic!”Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_230Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_236-1During dinner, we headed down to the lake for some nighttime portraits…Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_238Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_225Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_209-1Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_226-1Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_244-1Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_263-1And a short while later, Melissa and Jim–along with their guests–released Chinese lanterns into the night sky.Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_268-1Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_271.jpgMichaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_313Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_326Michaud_Becker_Wedding_2017_254

Venue: Family Lake House

Coordinator: Kim Schiavo

Makeup: Christine Mangano

Florist: Krueger Floral

Caterer: Rockman’s Catering

Linens: Rockman’s Catering

Cake: 2510 Bakery

Wedding Favors: Jars of Honey from the Groom’s beehives

Entertainment/DJ: Andy with Over the Top Entertainment

Photography: Kaylee Frisch Photography

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