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The morning of Cassy and Travis’ wedding started off with light and steady rain showers in the small northern town of Glidden, WI.Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-001Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-032Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-014Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-037Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-036Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-040-1Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-022Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-042-1Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-057Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-510The ceremony was planned for Copper Falls State Park in Mellen, WI, but due to the unpredictability of the rain… we headed over to the reception site at Marion Park.Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-508Travis and Cassy shared their First Look outside of the pavilion, between the beautifully lit lampposts.Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-135Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-140Someone’s cell phone started ringing as Travis started walking down the aisle! Luckily, however, it was his own! I think this might be his guilty face!Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-079Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-099Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-104Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-105Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-107After 6 years of dating–in a relationship that spanned 2 different states as Cassy completed college and Travis was working as a teacher– Cassy and Travis finally tied the knot!Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-112Literally! :)Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-122Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-129Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-152Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-159Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-199Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-247Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-147Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-183Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-197Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-324Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-262Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-225Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-246Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-173Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-352Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-267Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-320Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-232Cassy had two Maids of Honor– her sisters, Samantha and Andi.Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-165Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-245Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-234Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-253Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-188Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-235Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-281For two straight years as Cassy was going to school, Travis worked full time as a teacher, ran a successful small business, and tended to a 70 acre farm. He “knows how to fix and build more things than [Cassy] could ever imagine” and he is always online learning new skills. As Cassy would say, “He is far from lazy, and I think that desire to always be growing is inspirational to me.”

Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-297Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-356In addition to his smile and blue eyes, Cassy loves Travis’ laughter and the fact that he’s a genuinely good guy.Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-360Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-358Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-415Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-452Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-399Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-537Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-545-2Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-546Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-516Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-525Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-557-1Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-565Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-553Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-592On the week of her birthday–a date she shares with Valentine’s Day–Cassy poured herself a bowl of cereal when a small white box came tumbling out. In the box was a locket shaped Pandora charm that said, “My Beautiful Wife, Forever and Always” and a note that read, “Will You Marry Me?”Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-541After saying, “Yes!”, Cassy and Travis traveled to Madison, WI to custom design an engagement ring. A month later, after picking up the ring, they stopped in to see Cassy’s 96 year old grandfather, and to tell him that they were getting married. Her Grandpa was very excited for the two of them, and although this was the last time Cassy would see her grandfather alive, it was a memory she will treasure forever.Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-639Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-641Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-642Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-651Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-670Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-668Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-678Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-683Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-539Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-710Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-718Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-740Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-752Cassy-Travis-Wedding-2017-755


Photography: Kaylee Frisch Photography

Hair Stylist: Vanessa Smith at Studio 1 Salon – Phillips, WI

Makeup Artist: Anna Poetzl at Lady A’s Beauty Spa – Park Falls, WI

Venue: Marion Park Pavilion – Glidden, WI

Entertainment: William Weiler

Linens: Ivy’s Inspirations – Phillips, WI

Caterer: Kountry Kafe and Katering – Fifield, WI

Cake/ Cupcakes/ Dessert: Ashleigh Nuce at Whitney Creek Custom Cakes – Ironwood, MI

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