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Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-021-2.jpgLily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-027Three and a half years after becoming a couple at their senior prom, Lily and Thomas said their vows at St. Bronislava Catholic Church in Plover, WI.Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-006bride-bridesmaids-wedding-kimonosLily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-039-1Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-042Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-061Lily and Thomas had met in high school and the two started dating after Thomas asked Lily to prom in front of their AP European History class…obsession-cologne-groom-cufflinksThomas started giving a presentation on Pinterest and had made different boards pertaining to prom, such as “what to wear” and “where to go for dinner”.

The last board was “types of flowers to buy” and it was filled with lilies. While not realizing the connection between the flowers and her name, Lily assumed he was asking another lucky girl to prom. Moments later, however, Thomas pulled out some flowers for Lily and a bottle of Fanta soda that said, “WANTA go to prom with me?”

Lily–of course–said “Yes”!st-brons-bronislava-church-ploverLily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-098grooms-reaction-first-lookLily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-089st-brons-wedding-ploverLily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-113st-brons-bronislava-church-ploverLily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-135Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-137Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-148Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-195Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-396pfiffner-park-wedding-photos-stevens-pointLily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-229Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-306wedding-portrait-photo-on-bridge-clark-street-bridgeLily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-297Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-274Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-231clark-street-bridge-wedding-photosLily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-354Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-302Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-261Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-344Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-379Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-236Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-338Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-267Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-399“I love many things about Lily, but probably the thing I love most is how much we are able to act completely ridiculous around each other.” — ThomasLily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-349Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-364Both Lily and Thomas are studying chemistry (biochemistry and chemical engineering, respectively) at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-281Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-352Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-322Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-233Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-365When asked how she knew Thomas was “The One” Lily replied, “I always knew.”   :)wedding-party-clark-street-bridge-stevens-pointbridge-groom-bridgeLily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-388bride-groom-bridge-clark-streetLily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-395Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-340Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-345bride-groom-pfiffner-parkstevens-point-pfiffner-park-bride-groom-weddingLily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-362Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-411While Lily was studying abroad in Limerick, Ireland in 2016, Thomas came to visit her during their spring break. Although Lily had already visited the Blarney Castle and Gardens in Cork, Ireland, she wanted to go a second time so Thomas could go as well.Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-498During their visit, Thomas went up and down the famous wishing steps before it was Lily’s turn. Next, Lily walked down the stairs–backwards with her eyes closed, as legend suggests–then up the stairs like normal with her eyes still closed. When she got back to the top and opened her eyes, Thomas was down on one knee with a ring in his hand.

Legend has it… if you concentrate on your wish while going up and down the stairs as suggested– the Blarney Witch will make your wish come true within a year.

As Lily proclaimed, “I can say that my wish was granted!”Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-429Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-437Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-442Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-455-2bride-groom-first-danceLily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-467mother-son-wedding-dance-wipe-tears-off-cheekLily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-487Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-522Lily-Thomas-Wedding-2017-534magical-nights-mobile-dj-wisconsinmagical-nights-mobile-dj-wisconsin

Lily and Thomas, congratulations on your wedding and fairy tale love story! Thank you for allowing me to get to know you and for letting me share in such a special day! The way you two look at each other is truly refreshing and I believe you have many, many happy years ahead of you! God Bless!



Photography: Kaylee Frisch Photography

Ceremony: St. Bronislava Catholic Church – Plover, WI

Reception: Sky Club – Plover, WI

Catering: Sky Club – Plover, WI

Dress: Mori Lee

Entertainment: Magical Nights Mobile DJ Service

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