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Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-003-1Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-011Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-013With the temperature plunging just below zero, Maggie and Brandon prepared to get married at the Whitetail Inn in Saint Germain, WI.Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-002-1Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-033Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-043-1Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-077Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-084-1Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-089-1Although Brandon and Maggie currently live in Williston, ND–they both attended high school in Minocqua, WI…Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-100-1Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-111-2Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-059-1Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-119After living in Minnesota for 5 years, Maggie made the move back to Minocqua where she and Brandon crossed paths again at Minocqua’s annual Ice Golf tournament in 2014. It was there, that a “not-so-sober Brandon struck up a conversation with [Maggie].”Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-144Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-148But as Brandon confessed, “even the drunkest of eyes could see the beauty on that woman!” Shortly later, the two officially started dating!Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-155Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-158Four months after becoming a couple, Brandon moved to North Dakota for a supervising job in the oil fields.  Although living 13 hours apart would prove difficult for any relationship, Maggie and Brandon never questioned if staying together would work.Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-173Soon after Brandon made his move across the country, Maggie started applying for jobs in North Dakota and was quickly offered a position as a geologist for an environmental consulting firm.Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-178Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-185“Making the decision to move so far from my family and friends to a state that I had never even been to should have been one of the scariest decisions I’ve ever made, but it was actually one of the easiest.”Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-202“I never would have made the decision to move if I had any doubt that Brandon was the one I would spend the rest of my life with.”  Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-611Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-206Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-214Since his friends and family would describe him as goofy, it wasn’t surprising to hear Brandon respond to the question of what he most loves about Maggie with this:

“What’s not to love? She makes my lunch every day! And dinner…”

Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-305It didn’t take long, however, for him to continue describing how wonderful she is and to say that “she’s a very loving and unselfish, driven woman!”Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-240Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-347Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-270Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-470Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-250Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-402Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-303Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-251Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-255Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-266Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-282Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-412Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-293Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-361When asked about the things she loves about Brandon, Maggie replied, “Brandon always makes me smile. He makes everything we do fun, and I truly enjoy spending time with him.Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-387I felt comfortable with him so quickly [and] he has a huge heart and would do anything for his friends and family– and especially me!”Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-306Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-288Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-358Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-367Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-296Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-316Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-396Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-405Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-351Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-370Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-461Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-429Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-376Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-472❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-477-EditMaggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-488Aside from physically marrying Maggie, Brandon was most excited about becoming part of her family. According to him, “not a single soul in that family wouldn’t give the shirt right off their backs for someone.” I love spending time with them and they welcomed me with open arms.”Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-516Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-558Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-474Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-564Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-565Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-566Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-570Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-634Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-587Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-596-1Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-621Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-622Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-631Maggie and Brandon’s proposal story is very unique! After going out to a nice dinner and coming home to a romantic fire on their patio–complete with their favorite 90’s country music and beer–Maggie waited for the perfect moment to hand Brandon a very special card.Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-637In that card, Maggie told Brandon how happy he made her and how she couldn’t imagine spending her life with anyone else. Then there, at the end, were the handwritten words, “Will you be my husband?” :) …Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-677Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-682Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-683Although Brandon loves telling people that Maggie was the one to propose, he asked to keep the engagement quiet for a few days so he could “do it the right way” and talk to Maggie’s dad before telling anyone…Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-688Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-691Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-670-1Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-713-1Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-714A few days later, the two took a trip to Wisconsin, and it was there that Brandon asked Maggie’s father for his blessing before he took Maggie by the lake and got down on one knee–surprising her with a ring, and asking her to be his wife!Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-639As Maggie recalled, “We celebrated the entire weekend with both of our families. I’ll never forget it!”Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-718Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-719Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-723Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-735Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-738Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-650Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-652-2Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-659Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-742Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-748Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-666-2Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-749Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-752Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-755-2Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-756Maggie and Brandon, here’s to wishing you many, many years of married bliss! You are such a sweet, genuine couple and I’m so blessed to have been able to capture such an important day for such a beautiful, loving couple! May God bless you two for many years to come!Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-573Maggie-Brandon-Wedding-2017-578-1


Photography: Kaylee Frisch Photography

Second Shooter: Kelsey Brandenburg at Silverlight Photography

Venue: Whitetail Inn – Saint Germain

Makeup: Erin Korthoff – Motives Pro Artist

Hair Stylist: Samantha Pluister at Sheer Beauty

Flowers: Kathy Schafer

Antler Arch: Brian Schafer & Tab Hunter

Ice Lanterns: Brian Schafer & Tab Hunter

Caterer: Whitetail Inn

Cupcakes: Save More Foods

Dress Designer: Stella York

Stationary: Vista Print

Entertainment: DJ Bill Abel

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