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Jennifer & Eric | SentryWorld Wedding Stevens Point

Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-001On a sunny Saturday in the middle of July, Jennifer and her bridal party started the wedding day with hair and makeup at home before heading off to St. Paul’s Parish in Mosinee.Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-008Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-014Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-016Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-027Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-029Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-051Jennifer and Eric met in high school over 8 years ago, and knew after about 6 months of dating that they would be spending the rest of their lives together.Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-060Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-072Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-093

When asked what she was most looking forward to on her wedding day, Jennifer said, “I am most excited to walk down the aisle to each other. I can’t wait to see Eric’s face when I come through the doors and for him to see me in my dress.”Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-114Eric responded, “I can’t wait to see how beautiful Jennifer looks in her dress. [I also can’t wait] to spend time with family and friends on our big day.”Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-118Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-125Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-126Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-133Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-144Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-148Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-160Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-167Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-169Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-199Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-216Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-223Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-245Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-273Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-300After the ceremony, we headed to the Flower Hole at SentryWorld in Stevens Point for some more portraits of the newlyweds.Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-308Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-314Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-432Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-369Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-397Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-322Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-356Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-328Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-462Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-377Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-425When asked what she loves most about Eric, Jennifer replied, “I love his smile [and] his goofy personality. I love how much he cares about me and how he will do anything for me.”Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-454Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-329Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-446Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-374As for Eric, he gushed about loving Jennifer’s personality and the way she supports him– along with her eyes, smile, and laugh!Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-336Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-407Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-345Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-332Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-453Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-384Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-465Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-461Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-495Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-501Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-533Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-544

🖤  The Proposal  🖤

Within a year of knowing each other in high school, Eric gave Jennifer a ring to promise his love, and life, to her.Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-549

In addition to receiving his commitment that day, Jennifer was surprised with two future proposals; one on Christmas Eve in 2012–shortly after graduating high school, and again on Christmas Eve in 2016.Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-523Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-593Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-599It is tradition at the bride’s family Christmas celebration for Santa to stop in on Christmas Eve and give the little kids an early present before he delivers them under the trees that evening.

Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-554During the second proposal in 2016, Eric’s mom and brother stopped over at Jennifer’s family’s home, saying that they were having car troubles and that his dad was calling for help. Moments later, Eric’s dad came in dressed as Santa and passed out gifts to Jennifer’s younger cousins.

At the end, in his low Santa voice, he delared, “Ho, Ho, Ho! There is one more present in here for Eric!” After handing him the ring box, Eric got down on one knee and proposed to Jennifer. Like any lucky woman would do after a man declared his love for her, time and time again, Jennifer said, “YES!”

Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-619Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-622Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-616Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-635-1Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-627Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-639Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-643Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-645Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-659Jen-Eric-Wedding-2018-661Jennifer and Eric, thank you for allowing me to capture your engagement and wedding photos! It is so inspiring to see couples like you, who know early on–and from such a young age–that they will be spending the rest of their lives together!

May God bless your lives and your marriage together!




Photography: Kaylee Frisch Photography

Second Shooter: Tanya Treleven at Treleven Photography

Videographer: Dan Mlodzik Productions

Ceremony: St. Paul’s Parish in Mosinee

Venue: SentryWorld Golf Course in Stevens Point

Makeup: Cohrtney Bond

Hair Stylist: Francine Malbone

Flowers: Sandy Obremski at Flowers of the Fields

Cake: Debbie Meier at Loving Traditions

Candy Bar: Jodi Tuskowski at Gimme Some Sugar!

Dress Designer: Calla Blanche

Shoes: Bradgley Mischka

Entertainment: Mike Mathers with Double M Entertainment


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